“3000 a Day” – synopsis by Frank X Panico

This riveting documentary film exposes the fact that about 3000 a day are lost in abortion mills of America, around the same number killed in the tragic September 11th attack. The 50 minute film also explores issues concerning the diabolical abortion industry as no other film does. Why has abortion become so acceptable in our society, what can we do to make it unacceptable and is this insidious practice in some way driven by Satan and his evil spirits? These are some of the controversial questions posed to knowledgeable and highly entertaining men and women who hold over twenty-five years’ of experience in the study of the abortion industry. Hence; a unique perspective of the billion dollar killing corporation is exposed.

Ed Daccarett, Publisher of Christian Action News, General Manager of WJPP Radio and President of Life Saver Billboards proclaims, “While witnessing outside an abortion clinics, I can feel the evil in the air as the abortion surgeon arrives on the premises”.

Mary Delduca, an 84 year old women who was arrested eleven times for the cause and the subject of the ground breaking HBO film 12th and Delaware reveals, “The darkness and long lasting depression and anxiety that accompanies an abortion is torturous and can last a lifetime”.

Teri Stocking, a post abortive woman who now works in the medical field, tells of how the depression and anxiety she experienced after her abortion almost drove her to suicide.

Don Kazimir, Ministry Director of Rachel’s Vineyard, covers the topic of rape and abortion by saying, “If a women has been through the horrific trauma of a rape, why compound the situation by another horrific event like abortion? If she gave the child up for adoption, maybe that would somewhat lessen the pain of the rape, knowing that she made a loving couple happy”.

Gina Thompson, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Executive Director of Mary’s Shelter, an organization that takes in homeless pregnant women and assists during pregnancy and after the child’s birth, states, “I am astounded when women tell me that they would kill their child in their womb before they considered giving him or her to a loving family through adoption.

Commentary from an array of pro-lifers protesting outside a local Planned Parenthood also provides enticing insight from men, women and children who are driven to avert the abortion epidemic. This cinematic experience goes straight for the jugular of Planned Parenthood and all abortion mills, annihilating the myths they spew out, such as, they just want to help women and there are no negative repercussion associate with the killing of child that dwells within them.

Perhaps the most vital message conveyed through this film is this. If a women is plagued with suffering from a past abortion, they must sincerely ask our creator for forgiving and healing and it will be granted to them. The burden of a past abortion can stop a women from reaching the purpose that God has for them. This is Satan’s tactic. The Evil One does not want these post aborted women to flourish and be joyful, and he does not want to allow God’s plan for them to unfold. One should take no part in unfruitful works of darkness, but expose them.