Xs in the Sky Films is a film company that specializes in creating enticing feature film documentaries. We film, write, direct and edit all our material, fully capable of covering all the aspects of the movie-making process. Founded in 2010 by screenwriter and filmmaker Frank Xavier Panico, “Xs in the Sky Films” proudly embraces faith-based movies. After welcoming two exceptional musical artists from Hollywood California, Betty Navas, and Steve Doodigian, the company is now able to provide mind blowing soundtrack for their projects.

Although Xs in the Sky Films focuses on faith-based films, they are open to other morally correct productions as well.  We have found distribution for our films with EWTN, Pureflix, Right Side Broadcasting Network, Christian Cinema, Amazon Plus, Amazon Prime, Half Ticket TV, NewsMax, Salem Now, Epoch TV and Cloud Walker, but we are still open to other distribution outlets.


"The Fall of Deceit" is a groundbreaking documentary by Frank X. Panico and Stan Fitzgerald that features amazing testimony from Roger Stone, General Michael Flynn, John Solomon and Pastor Robert Jeffress, to name a few. The film exposes the insidious government overreach and persecution of Christians occurring in America and explains how anyone who doesn't line up with the agenda of those in the secular world is in their line of fire. The truth has a target on its back! Since we are currently heading down a path that will lead to the demise of our 'One Nation Under God", American citizens are called to stand up and avert this looming national catastrophe that will dismantle the moral statutes our founding fathers put in place.

Soon everyone will see "The Fall of Deceit"




At the end of the day, filmmaking is all about telling stories, impacting the world and we are just doing our part.